PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Magic Pen

Words are like magic that write and write,
And write themselves into anything and everything,
People, places, the moon, the galaxy,
Or even just a classroom.
There is so much choice, so much variety,
The magic pen can be evil or angelic,
And anywhere inbetween.
Words are better than any drug,
Once your imagination kicks in,
And I write with my heartbeat,
I write with passion and zest,
My work the magic pen,
And I dream many things:
Angels, demons, fairies, unicorns, monsters, aliens:
There are no limits,
And every cover is just a mere glimpse into a book,
Words like rhymes flowing,
And keeping you hooked,
I have so many people to write about,
For this world is a people place,
There's no room for being alone,
And it is a fascinating life,
Life a fascinating journey,
No matter which path is chosen,
And I feel free as I type these words,
Like the magic of a unicorn,
Inspiring me to entertain the world.

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