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The Magic Pratchett Weaves
(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Magic Pratchett Weaves

Poem By Margaret Alice Second

Driven my mind into a ravine, sought escape by
transforming mental state from despondent to
a receiver of the magic Pratchett weaves by
mixing enchanting quantum into everything

‘All things that might have been, have to be, in
thousands of universes twisting together like
plaited ropes’, somewhere among this, our
minds exist as a shadow play of light

I felt myself changing into a different being while
reading, looking forward to living, breathing and
thinking, conversing about sad news items like
the tentacular financial crisis – because of a

Discworld where Mustrum Ridcully, Master Mage
and Esme Weatherwax, Witch, remember their
feet hardly touched the ground doing trans-
migration spells in their youth

A beautiful time which will forever exist in another
universe, one of many – where my spirit is also
spinning in tandem with all these inspiring

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