The Magic Within Us

When my self-esteem is very low, there is a place I like to go.
I sit by my rooms window and watch the moons subtle glow.
As fatique sets in, eyes drawn thin, have no reason to hesitate
But to drift towards heavens gate.
Now well into flight with inimitable sight,
I anticipate a visit to the moon and stars tonight.
This star-eyed dreamer envisions a place with no sadness or hate, a space where genuine love exists.
Upon approach, I took a deep breath, opened my eyes, as
the unverse welcomed me with accolades of starlit skies.
The moon shimmered in delight, I gasped;
The jewels of the universe are mine tonight!
How quiet the heavens were as endless time whispered in my ears, my mind soaked in the serenity as I glided through this sphere. My visual senses fired up like a firework display, kaleidoscope stardust crystals just blew me away.
Sunlit planets kept spinning in concert like carousels, and
newly created starlets danced to my biorhythmic tune. With
the sun rising in the east I knew the trip was to end soon.
Upon descent, I had a renewed strenght, thanks to the magic within.

by theodore colterelli

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