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The Magical Dance
MG ( / Widnes, England, UK)

The Magical Dance

Lord of the dance, you are indeed.
With wings of flight, you grace the stage.
So nimble so quick, so at ease.
A joy to watch, for you no cage.

As free and gracefully, you prance.
As highly you, take flight.
As you go into your dance.
Spreading your wings, with all your might.

Ho star of star, you rise to fame.
Tread the steps to happiness.
Glory great, will be your name.
Great peace of mind, for you no less.

In my dreams of I wish that I.
Could be so young and full of grace
So fragrant so supreme
A pretty pictures trimmed with lace.

But alas, I wake and find
That I am me and you are you.
Life to me is not so kind
So I tip my hat to a genius tour

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