'' Humans Are Filled With Pretension ''

Voyager has been found,
By a distant race,
They know it's an alien machine,
As they gather around,
It's history to trace,
On us they're not very keen.

A circular disc,
Attached deep inside,
Is removed for investigation,
Their actions are brisk,
From us they'll hide,
They know we cause aggravation.

The messages contained,
They know are lies,
They've monitored us for thousands of years,
The knowledge gained,
There's no-one denies,
Confirms their very worst fears.

Our journeys elsewhere,
Have only begun,
To our messages they refuse to respond,
We cause despair,
Daily for fun,
They're aware that they're being conned.

They've lived in peace,
Disputes are long past,
But we've placed our cards on their table,
All this will cease,
Their knowledge is vast,
If required it's us they'll disable.

Voyager they relaunch,
To save any ado,
Off she sails to another dimension,
Their beliefs remain staunch,
As they take the view,

‘' Humans Are Filled With Pretension ‘'

by Bri Mar

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