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The Mailman
LWB Leonard W. Bish ( / Chicago, IL, USA)

The Mailman

A friend stopped in to visit
A traveler, you might say
Who'd seen this world completely
Was lonely and on his way
To finish out this life we live
With faith, truth and care
For he had seen the good and bad
And poverty, had his share,
He spoke of many places he had been
His family and those he know
Who'd passed away before him
Yes, he was very blue.
I tried my best to tell him
We all had lots to give
As all of us have problems
While trying hard to live.
I know he liked to talk a lot
And I do, also, too
Especially when down a bit
And feeling kind of blue.
It helps to have some company
You know would like to share
The many problems of this life
And know that he would care.

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