The Main Road

People call you the heart of the community,
You weave, swerve, twist and turn around the town,
Occasionally branching off to distant cottages,
To show the farmers, the way to market.

With every spring you are re-paved,
Brought back to the might you once were,
Telling any passers by,
People care for me, I am loved.

But once upon a spring you were forgotten,
The paving expected never came,
You were left to stand worn and cracked,
A shadow of your former self.

And then one day,
In a cozy farm house by your side,
A gathering of people takes place,
Protect the road they say.

You see them marching along your side,
Shouting about duties and town pride,
In that moment you feel happy,
Because your glory is remembered,

And suddenly, just like that,
The paving arrives,
It is laid and you shine like new,
You are happy, because you are loved.

by Thomas Vaudin

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