JL (24 July 1978 / Davao City, Philippines)

It's A Way Of Life

A mystery, a riddle, a problem in our world,
We avoid the subject everyday...

I wrote stories, I wrote songs, I wrote this to say,
Ask me, ask us, ask us in a way,
That grabs the keys, unlocks the words,
Please don't stand and stare.

It's a way of life, a fact about us,
'Cause you can't run or hide from life at all,
So take my hand, follow me,
Laughing, smiling, with, not at me.

Talk now, don't be afraid,
By one Lord, we were all made,
Sit with me, let's be friends,
But the truth we will not bend.

We all have futures, don't we?
Ones that we wish to follow
'I want to horseride in the Paralympic Games',
'But I want to be a singing star! '

So now you see, why we need,
To bring the subject out into the open

It's a Way of Life.

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Comments (9)

It is a wonderful metaphorical and symbolistic poem at the same time.Indeed, in the absence of love, the darkness and the illusion of happiness can fill the soul. But the absence of purity generates another thrill for killing the power of love and for the madness.Thank you for sharing.10++++++++
Every city has it's street, such as 42nd in New York City
a deep metaphorical write, penned with sensitivity and sensibility.
Wow you have the guts to pen a very sensitive theme...well formed and layed...your words were powerful and rich..........10+++++++
A thought provoking write on an extremely sensitive issue! probably, it's high time to redefine our attitudes as well...
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