The Majestic God

God, infinite in power and wisdom,
Full majesty seated on high;
Creator of manifold blessings,
Heaven and earth do testify.
God, rich in the beauty of love
Such a special temper and blend,
Unfeigned in its total outreach,
No where will it come to an end.
God, sublime in the creation,
Great wonders He truly performed,
The heavens and earth before Him
So graciously and stately adorned.
Calling good that which He had finished,
Yes, witnessing to its grandeur;
Brought to the light of existance
Those things that were truly obscure.
A changing world, an unseen hand,
That voice that spoke so strong;
God in his power and glory
Deserving the creation song.
O wonder of wonders, full wonder,
That God in heaven so fair,
The Maker of heaven, its glory,
The earth and all of its glare.
The whole creation, if possible,
Would arise and sing with great glee,
Praising God forever and ever
For all glorious victory.
God, so gracious and loving,
Real kind and merciful, too,
Never faltered in this great trailway
The work He did nobly pursue.
God, in His matchless excellency,
The splendor of His full might
Opened the door to great riches,
The beauty of lasting light.
O God, our God in supremacy,
Truly sacred in Thine array;
We recognize thee and cry holy
As we travel this lovely trailway.
God, our heavenly Father,
Our friend and Saviour divine,
Our hope and fullest surety,
Rich blessings so wondrously fine.
Enriched, the beauty of thy majesty,
Enabled to lend a strong hand,
Bearing us up and on over
To the sweet, sweet promised land.

by Rev. Henry Mayle

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