The Majic World Of The Carousel

Poem By Ed P Buckley

In that magic world of Carousels
Striped candy bars and tinkling bells
I see myself when as a boy
I revelled in unbridled joy

On Robins Ranger
Going around and round
And up and down
To the strident sound
Of the hurdy gurdy playing loud
To the laughing faces in summer crowd

Roustabouts in bandanas red
Rifle shots ring in the shooting shed
Buskers, hawkers, travelling clans
In multi coloured shining vans

All promised excitement
The fun of the fair
The swing boats, the dodgems
I still see them there

The lottery wheel clicks and whirls
Spinning hopes and dreams
Of boys and girls
The longed for number I recall
Yielded the winner a brand new ball

That just bounced through time
From then to now
Through many life’s thoughts
And yet somehow
Why that is so I cannot tell
Perhaps it’s the majic of the Carousel.

© ED P Buckley 19 03 05

Comments about The Majic World Of The Carousel

well I'm partial to carousel poems, but this was fantastic. a great sweeping view of the fairground life and slide back to the present. superb work, Ed. -Tailor

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