TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

The Maker, The Made And The Maid

It doesn’t matter who plucked it, who picked it:
The damage was already done.
It doesn’t matter whether literal or allegorical:
Autumn had already come.
And as Adam and Eve’s eyes were opened
To a knowledge they instantly regretted,
The Garden gate closed fast behind them
And to time were both now indebted.

But in that time before Time, before talking needed tenses,
God fashioned Man from the dust of the Earth,
Formed him body and soul, two-thirds of one whole,
Breathed His spirit and gave Man his birth.

Though in Eden they walked, the Maker and the Made:
The Lord and the lord of His creation,
God saw Man, like He, would crave company
And determined to make him a nation.

He could have called us into being, made us from a mould,
But He had known the joy of making life,
So he passed to Man this power in a single sleeping hour
And Adam woke to Woman: to wife.

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catchy and funny title