The Man

Poem By Sylvia Loven Carter

you've always moved fast, I blink 'once' you're gone. I close my eyes, you're back again and again moving faster Oh my God some, one has chained him
you looked confused not sure what has happened, They've chained you I start screaming let him go.I scream till I'm getting hoarse Let him go, freedom is his destiny, please no more pain, don't push him let him gain his strength so he can fight back........He's back, He's strong his eyes glow with peace and serenity why are you afraid? he'd never hurt you he is fast once again, but now he's learned wisdom is his kinswoman, whose always been there waiting for him and his plans.

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Nice poem with plenty of depth. Beautifully conceived. Good vivid imagery. Great stuff. A perfect...10 Thanks for sharing..... Please read and rate my poem 'A humble complaint' on page 2

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