MM (4th November 1993 / Lahore, Pakistan)

The Day The Whole World Smiles

It almost seems like yesterday
I awoke to the most disgusting reality.
The pinch that ripped away my blindness,
and shoved down the hate
that surrounds every aura of every soul.
The epidemic washing away any possibility
of love binding us all together.
Riots continue and picket signs swarm our faces.
Why couldn’t I love another woman without ugly fingers pointing at me?
The definition of love is not something beautiful
between a man and a woman,
but rather its something beautiful between TWO people
no matter the gender.
In my eyes and many others,
Love can be just as beautiful and heartwarming
when its between two people of the same sex.
Until the true meaning of love is understood by the ones who deny it,
My words will continue until the war of equality comes to an end and hate with it and the whole world smiles.

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