The Man At The Finish Line

He who bears his pain with a smile,
Who's feats to some can only be described with an opened mouth expression of awe,
Who shakes their fist with open hands and a smile,
Vanquisher of a frown,
Who trudges on forward no matter how much he's weighed down,
Never cruel, nor cowardly, never in anger nor fright, pities the dark strives for the light.
Humble, and great, mighty is he, but the man I describe isn't yet me.
Not right now, not ever,
For the race to this man will take for ever,
This race is a promise one I live by, see the race to this man is a race till I die.

by Alim Lamont

Comments (2)

Bear your pain with a smile, Powerful point, great statement.
A nice poem, Alim. Thank you