CA (January 02,1962 / Lagos, Nigeria)

The Man Died…

Thistle strewn path
cobbled at the dawn of time
for immortal man to tread, his spoor
mortal man to follow.

A twinkling star
peering through celestial curtains
heralded the surreptitious entrance
with a cryptic message for the sages

but drew the ire of a simpleton-king:
innocent souls
shepherded to early graves
defending an earthly throne from a suckling.

The land of oppression of yore
offered solace with open arms,
the boy-king shielded from mayhem
and royal wrath assuaged.

His mission, embedded in worn parchments,
was incongruous to a bewildered people
who sought a warrior-king
but found a martyr.

Night and Day
colluded to destroy innocence:
A gracious kiss from a friendly foe
earning filthy lucre its reward.

Despised and Disparaged.
Stripped and Striped.
The heavens winced
as his halo was bartered with a crown of thorns.

The Man died…

March 2003©

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An interesting and enjoyable poem. Has the poem's sequel been written? ?