The Man From The Abyss Of The Lost Memories


A man rose from his rottening bed
Yawning and ruffling his scruffy unorganized hair
fell again, fell to oblivion, fell quizzical
skimming thru' his top drawer, a comb
handling expertly he swoop his enigmatic mane
dumb and silly in his very own sanctuary
the man from the abyss of the lost memories


He took a cold bath, feeling warm, feeling lost
Enticing sunlight embossed his crippling skin
the clouds seems to be in a hurry
as he walked out thru' the inside out door
The lavish garden blushes as he passes
The man from the abyss of the lost memories


Feeling happy he jumped and shouted, uncomprehensible
Falling over and spinning around, quite almost mental-like
he laughed as he tripped his leg on a challenging log of wood
dead wood, dead feeling, dead man walking, dead brain
excited, he was silenced, and jeered to nothingness
he rose to find the red rose, readily picked
the man from the abyss of the lost memories


Tired and happy he caught a peaceful nap
under the lining trees, buzzing bee and a fly
day is getting dark, as he say

by Aldamayo Panjaitan

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