The Man I Love Is A Soldier

The man I love is a soldier

When I tell you this you might ask me

If he is at the border

If I told you yes, you would go a little further

And tell me that you would be there

To support in my ordeal.

You might even tell me

How proud you are of the sacrifice

That he is doing for the country

Your words and movies and thoughts might weave

A fancy picture

Of the battlefield you never saw but think you know

All about.

You might describe with passionate resonance

And embedded pride

And a little prejudice

The deserts of Rajasthan or the glaciers of Siachen

Or of the sun glistening on the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir...

For you there is so much to say, friend,

Of beauty in the dingy camps and poetry of bullet fires

And of the colder company among barbed-wires...

But the man I love is a soldier

And for me, though I stay put in courage beyond your wildest compare,

Each time the radio screams of brave martyrs

Guilt and fear and pain rage a war within.

by Anusha Sreekant

Comments (4)

Witty reflection on the intricacies of loving relationship with a soldier, well articulated and nicely brought forth from the heart with conviction. Good rendition of words elegantly brought forth with insight. Thanks for sharing Anusha.
A great start The last two lines are the voice of your heart something very hard to endure..10
Write comment. Great start, Anusha. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Your first poem on PH is indeed a masterpiece. It reflects the life of a soldier in different terrains as well as of his family members back home. Avery realistic portrayal. Thanks, Anusha ji.