KC (2/24/90 / Harlem, New York)

'The Man I Should Have Been'

The man I should have been
wasnt Killa it was Cam
now I'm lost without her

I had a good one
How did I lose her?
I had a good one
Why did I abuse her?

Baby comeback
for I'm sorry
I treated you and life
like a drunken party

If I trun back the hands
of time, then everything would be
just fine, but in life u cant press rewind
I can only stop and realize how I let you go

Better yet
How could I have been so blind?
How was you suppose to always put up with me
you always said if I couldnt be the real me
at least dont be the fake just freeze and dont change
pause and be a better man

Baby I'm why u left
but my anger is extremly to hard
to control but loving u is easy

I'm so stupid
How can you believe me?
Comeback for you complete me

Nobody can ever see me
the way you seen me and
no one will ever amount to your love
brought strong to my heart like an iron fist
but it's gonna have to be stronger than a building
for someone to replace

I know you didnt wanna go
for breaking up with someone you love
isn't easy but I know who I shouldnt have been
Cam the man u felt u needed believe me

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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A very contempory theme Killa! lol I am glad you seem to have adjusted your focus. A very absorbing read I am sure many will squirm too! lol Tai