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The Man In The Ditch

This egocentric man's worthless life ends tragically
His foot slipped on two rocks accidently
Thinking his life would excel successfully
Prosperous had been his companion, always yearning for glory
Falling in the ditch was his last story
Wedge between the two rocks, he was left thinking he was pushed by an evil spirit of the wind
Afraid of the unknown and no-one of his wealth to help him
He wouldn't take the hand of anyone poor
His spirit was tainted and wasn't pure
You can smell it from a closed door

He met his destiny without meeting fate
No-way out, leading him to self-hate
Why did I take this way? He thought
A faded memory of family in his distant mind was an image left distort
Too weak and no passion to think of anyone else but himself
With every movement pushes him deeper into the home of his grave with a pocket full of pelf
He absorbed any kindness he was given
Giving nothing away, too late to be forgiven
Money was his comfort and his happiness
Constant thoughts turned into unpleasant hungriness
Helpless to defend himself against the cold
Probably be there until the soil buries him
And the wind blew and hid him to his death.

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