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The Man Of My Heart(William R Martin)
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

The Man Of My Heart(William R Martin)

You never think that life will change or the life is gonna end.
You always assume that there's still more room to do tomorrow, then and today.
You always take for granted the then and here after of those who come before use and those who are here after.
I miss his laughter, I miss his words, I miss his sweet good-bys.
I remember when I was little and he would be waiting at the end of the hall.
He always pretended not to notice me and I'd say,
'Hey pop...come on'
I remember him telling me that life's to short to take for granted to live each day and to live it to the fullest.
His words of wisdom will always be beside me no matter how old I may get.
I can still hear his seamen stories and the tales he used to tell.
You always knew pop could be a grandfather, a father & yet a friend.
You always knew he'd come through even if someone else didn't.
I miss him more than I ever thought I could have, and more then I ever thought I would have.
I feel I could have done more, and maybe helped him through it.
He's gone now and he'll never know how sorry I am for not being there when he needed me and not lending him a hand.
He ment more to me than any man could have.
He gave me hope, he gave me dreams that no book or movie could have.
There are no words to say I'm sorry.
There are no deeds I could do.
The only thing I have to offer is my heart,
And it will forever love & cherish you.

***For my poppy whom was & still is everything to me*****

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