Fields Of Fire

I take no glory from seeing the hurt of your own desolation
Walking in the shattered remains of something of absolution
Something beautiful that never forgave itself for the trespass
Of another’s hands for the evil unspoken done unto this angelus

Don’t reap the fume of historic misfortune for future collaboration
When a piece of this world wants to embrace the consolidation
Germinated in the arms of something more than just purity
Shed the frail skin and rebirth the child inside free of anxiety

If my soul had the hands of kindness to carry these many tears
When the genteel shepherd of so much to bear; so lost in fears
Cannot scream aloud enough to drown out the unbridling ferocity
Shattering peace of stars; let them rain down to cleanse the atrocity

I wish I had the finger of a god to turn this galaxy the other way
Reverse the time and reprieve the suffocation for a better day
Far away into the daylight so lost from the soul of scars and bruises
For when a hand of kindness reaches forth as for when love enthuses

I don’t want to be the innocent victim in your furies so releasing
Running for my life through the flames of your fields of fire
To reach and show the way of another time and place somehow
Carrying the ashes of what could have been for the here and now

So much passion unspent; so much for one single soul unspoken
Release your storm unto me and let me take this condemnation
Leave this anger so shattered, spent and grounded for what is true
Pour this rage into me to see my spirit illuminate before you

Let my body be your vessel to oceans of such furthered distance
In the cessation of deepest kiss to seek your eyes yonder deliverance
To never again ponder upon the probable but lost in the unlimited
Touch land and lay yourself down upon the barely as there I am awaited

by Vision Ghost

Comments (1) amazing write, the imagery is so vivid ★