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~the Man That Buys Tampons~

So many men won't do it.
They have to hide their head.
If they must go...please let God know
he'd like to be struck dead.

Of course the store is crowded
It has to be that way...
How could this trip get any worse?
''Hey there! '' The neighbors say.

But if you only saw yourself
through other women's eyes,
you'd see a thoughtful, caring man
that fills their heart with sighs.

When a man can go buy tampons
and not care if he's seen,
he must be a true sweetheart....

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I believe that's a poor determination of a man's real personality.
Is it deja vu or did I not comment upon this before. In other words: is this a repost. Never mind. I love it all the same. Hey Mary are all the men around your area rednecks or something! I have never seen the problem. As far as I am concerned if Tina can go and get my shaving gel then I can buy her tampons. I have to go along with Hound. The women's section, oh give me a break!
Good one Mary! A special man it is. Patricia
amusing Mary - maybe in the expanded edition you can add a scene where the cashier goes on the loud speaker and asks for a price check on the tampons. cheers.
I ussualy get a pak of Kleenex and they can roll their own hihiiihihihih nice one dave xxx
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