The Man That Is My Dad

He stood so tall and handsome
The man that is my dad
He knew just what to say to me
When I was happy or when I was sad.

When something had gotten broken
He fixed it right away
He loved his little farm and animals
Loved to cut and bale the hay.

He did what needed to be done for Mom
And for my brother, Rod, and me
I always knew that he was there
Yes, perhaps for all eternity.

I miss him and this father’s day
I will try not to feel too sad
Instead gather lovely memories
Of the man that I call “Dad.”

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (5)

A poem straight from the heart. Loved it.
Very simply and soulfully stated, gathering memories of the man I call, Dad. Great tribute on Father's Day! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
I left off the last line and did not realize it. Okay, all there now and with a picture of him. Marilyn Lott
I miss him on this father's day And try not to feel too sad I'll gather lovely memories I know he would be glad.
A beautiful heart print and tribute for your Dad Marilyn. It touched my soul.....