Poem Hunter
The Man Who Has Your Name
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

The Man Who Has Your Name

When I went to work today
I saw your name written above
a door…. it was an ordinary
door on an ordinary street …
but the fact that it was your
name made it bohemian and
wonderful … extraordinary!

I wondered whether the owner
of the name had your eyes
or your smile…. whether he
had the same zest and abandon
you possess when I’m with you,
when, the next moment, the door
opened and a maid brought out
a bucket of dirty water and
threw it out onto the road…
flushing away my little fantasy
along with the dirty remnants
of the floor
of the house
of the man who has your name…..

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baie baie mooi! ! ! ! ! ek detect n hint of sadness.