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The Man Who Stood For Something Great

The man who stood for something great died in the foulest way
But his legend in history is living today
For what he stood for with his life he did pay
At the hands of a racist known as James Earl Ray

Martin Luther King spoke out for the racially villified and the oppressed
In his speeches the needs of the downtrodden he readily addressed
Against racism he never feared for to speak out
That he lived as a great person does go without doubt

The honourable man who climbed the moral summit of fame
In his anti racism speeches his became a great name
One of the all time great people of the U S of A
To honour him they have the Martin Luther King day

As a true hero under gunfire he did fall
The man who spoke out for a fair go for all
For a fairer World for all to live in he lived and he died
True greatness of him and what he stood for cannot be denied

It is people like him we ought to celebrate
The great man who gave his life for something great
A man to look up to and for to admire
Who for the racially oppressed died under gunfire.

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