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The Man Who Talks To God

For one of self proclaimed devotion his behaviour seems odd
And he is known by many as the man who talks to God
His so called war on terrorism has left thousands of people dead
Of his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq so much written and said.

George W always talks to God when in his church he pray
God told him to bomb Afghanistan and George W did obey
And then he told him to invade Iraq and dropp bombs on Baghdad
His must be a judgemental God to decide good from bad.

The privileged one who talks to God he fights to cling to power
His God cares for the noxious weed and poisons the peace flower
His God who seems so righteous for the poor doesn't show much sympathy
And for the people who believe in other Gods he lacks in empathy.

He is the one who talks to God one of his God's chosen few
He wages war in his God's name and to his God he is true
When his God tells him to go to war he always does obey
It takes all kinds to make up the Human World each to their own they say.

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