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The Man Who Wins The Brownlow

The man who wins the Brownlow Medal is the A F L's best and fairest player
And since only one winner every year that makes Brownlow Medallists rare
Some Brownlow Medallists deceased and some ageing and gray
The ex hero of the future is the hero of today
Professional sport is all about winning and money and fame
And to the footy fans football is far more than a game
They live for their club and their club favourites they idolize
And their club's Brownlow Medal winners are Gods in their eyes
But their Gods are mortals and since facts never lie
Mortals cannot be Gods for mortals do die
The winner is toasted and in the limelight
On Australian Football's best and fairest count Charles Brownlow Medal night
But only winners are remembered when the past we recall
And that goes for all games including all codes of football.

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