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The Man With Bushy Eyebrows

He does look rather surly and the years have left him gray
The man with bushy eyebrows to me never says good day
One I used to acknowledge in passing a friendly hi
But my greeting met with silence he never did reply.

We share one thing in common we live on the same street
Though only silence between us whenever we do meet
I feel that in continuing on saying hello to him on my behalf would be rude
In his world I do not have the right for to intrude.

I know him by sight and him I often do see
But I choose to ignore him since he ignores me
The man with bushy eyebrows I will never get to know
We pass each other in silence without a hello.

With gray hair and gray bushy eyebrows and an unsmiling face
'Twould seem laughter is a thing he could not embrace
For many years he's been a neighbour of mine
Though we never will share a beer or a wine.

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