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The Man With Six Wives

In a World of billions of pauperized human lives
I cannot understand the man who has six wives
And twenty six children with more on the way
With him 'tis much wants more as some are known to say

Of the poor of the World he can hardly be aware
And what matter if the bloke is a billionaire
Since he only nurtures his own ego though his type not rare
Amongst his own offsprings his wealth he does share.

But doubtless Mr Egotistical does not realize
That as the World's Human population in numbers does rise
That on Nature's resources this is a huge drain
To one vain as he such one could not explain.

Three of his six wives are pregnant his child count will be twenty nine
His ego inflated and he is feeling fine
In a time of climate changes less people the World does need
But warnings of Nature his type never heed.

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