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The Man With The Loud Voice

Though never referred to by anyone as one of our own
The man with the loud voice to many is known
You do not need a hearing aid him for to hear
And he can be quite deafening when to you standing near

His is the loudest voice in the lounge rooms of the football club
And the loudest voice by far in the local pub
But he is quite harmless a nice enough bloke
And he laughs his loudest at the punch line of a joke

Of his wife and his two primary school daughters he does feel very proud
And of his love for them in public he always talks loud
Some say he's a braggart but to talk loud in public is his way
We are what we are as some are known to say

In the football club rooms or the local bar
The man with the loud voice the loudest by far
He could not talk quietly even if he did try
Yet he is the type who would not harm a fly.

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