Love Is In Heaven

When my love and like is exact I see the hearers,
Inside the islands of despair there are insulators
And conductors of fortune and reign of goodness.
My mind is flowing like a tumultuous river and waterfall,
Ending the descent of water with a clash of momentum.
When my mind adheres to the faith I was born with,
My liking was my living, and my living was my liking,
Just like the judge who found peace with justice.

This is the love entering the hearts of a few worshippers,
Who prostrate and reign in gardens of beautiful flowers.
These flowers grow taller than terrestrial plants that demand
A star to fall onto them and dissolve the solids of an eternity.
When my last hour reaches these stars, it causes all to be
Distaste, like the vegetables and rivers of the whole water.
My planet is not heaven, my world is not godly, and my haste
Is a tasting of food and drink, the same ingredients of Paradise.

by Naveed Akram

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