The Man With The Round Shoulders

Milking cows, then off to school, milking cows again before the day would end.
This lad of five, helping his dad, and family to survive.
Going to a little school in the country, he finished grade school in six years
Rather in a hurry.
His teen age years were spent with threshing machine crews, harvesting grain.
Learning all about the machinery they used, was to his gain!
His knowledge of machinery at a young age, gave him a chance to operate
a crane for the U.S. Navy.
He operated a crane at a Guam navy supply depot, when he was twenty.
Back to civilian life, he mastered the machinery of a huge paper making
company, becoming it’s highest paid millwright employee.
Many years later, talking to his wife one day, he mentioned how milking
cows by hand, was hard on the shoulders. Now she finally knew, why his
shoulders were round instead of square and true.

by Georgia Decker

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