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The Man Woman

I am the Woman
You are the Man
In temperament perhaps
In this strange relationship
I have a man's body
With a woman's heart
You have a man's mind encased
In the body of a woman
My nature is all love and care
I can never be rude and ruthless
Like you, young woman
You who are sly and secretive
Playing mind games all the while
Can you ever talk things straight?
I think of love, you talk of sex
I am the womanly man
You the manly woman
Yet it hardly made a difference
For likes also attract
As do opposites attract
I have been a woman, you've been a man
We've both been men, both been women
In our previous lives
Yet we always have found a way
To love one another
Knowing only too well
The Soul has no sex
The One alone loves itself
For there is no other, no one else.

by Tapan

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