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The Manchester Suicide Bomber

The Manchester suicide bomber far from mentally sound
But good to realize that his sort of person in large numbers do not abound
Since the Human World is not in need of him and his kind
Extreme in their thinking and unwell in the mind

As well as killing himself he murdered twenty two young people with limbs torn apart
And left many with horrific injuries and caused many a grieving heart
The family members who grieve for their badly injured and dead
With more grieving of them in the years ahead

So much goodness in most religious people inspired by their faith
But extreme love of their god lead some to crimes of hate
Mentored by horrible role models and exploited by them in the worst way
For to kill to them strangers with their own lives they do pay

Many people Worldwide have condemned him to hell
But they ought to remember that the Manchester suicide bomber was mentally unwell
Those who inspired him to his horrible crimes have no sense of compassion or empathy or shame
And as for him he now is beyond our judgment and blame

These horrible middle east wars and almost every terrorist attack
Has their source in the needless invasion and recent war in Iraq
This fear of terrorism created by some of our leaders in the recent past
Well into the future with us well may last.

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