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The Manequin

The manequin sat inside the store window
Behind a pane of thick glass
Shielding it from outside
From the hustle and bustle of the road
But letting everybody see
How beautiful she is

Her lips were red with rosy cheeks
A full head of silky golden hair
And sea green eyes
Under long thick lashes
Just trying to say something
To everyone stopped to look

So many stopped
Glanced through the thick glass
First at her face, the green eyes
Then at her dress
That got changed every monday

A green dress with
Big white and black polka dots
With a matching green hand bag
She had to give it up
For a navy blue tank top
And a pleated skirt
Completed with a formal jacket
Draped over a shoulder

She almost knew
Most of the faces
That glanced through the window
The old lady wearing oval glasses
Who dressed shabbily
But looked at her adoringly
The three young girls
Tall pale one with a hearty laugh
Short dark one with a round face
And the chubby one who never laughed
They all peeked at her
And murmured secretly to each other
The young fellow who carried a guitar
Passed the window in a hurry every day
But never forgot to turn and glance at her
Well at her dress the dress she wore

The young lady with two kids
One in a stroller and one walking by
They always stopped
Peeked through the glass
And the baby in the stoller always smiled
Smiled with her and not with her dress
She waited for the noon hour
Waited for the little boy
Only one who smiled with her

Then the young couple
Who always held their hands
And stopped almost always
Infront of the window
To look at things at her feet
Little things like bars of soap
Bottles of scents towels and pillows
Once in a while the girl looked up
At the shiny pretty dress
The dress that changed every week

At the end of the season
Time for redecoration
The whole store is changing
Including the display in the window
A chubby old man came in from behind
And took the mannequin out
Out into the corridor
He looked at her face
And she looked at her
They looked at each other for few moments
And the man raised his hands
Held her face adoringly
And kissed her... on the lips....

For years to come... that chubby old man...
Is to tell the person
Whoever sits next to him at the bar
How he heard a manequin sigh
And how he saw a manequin cry....!

[This is to you. You know who you are....! ]

by Rowving Smith

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listen to the manikin cry and sob and moan another drink?