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The Manly Man

It's not a manly thing to weep the manly man say so
But ignorance is bliss to him he still has far to go
He still has much to learn from life before he reach the stage
When he can say I've fully grown and I have come of age.

The manly man say if you weep you weep your tears alone
And in public places you must act as if your heart's of stone
Real men can't be reduced to tears the manly fellow say
To shed your tears whilst others watch is not the manly way.

The manly man say tears and such belong to womankind
And in every man that ever wept a woman's heart you'll find
Oh look at him he is a man he drink beer, play football
And he has never shed a tear not one he can recall.

The manly man down at the pub talk boxing with his mates
Mike Tyson and Jeff Fenech and other hard headed greats
These are real men they play it hard and take hard punch or two
The new age cissies on the increase and us manly men too few

The manly man is a real man and he scorn all men who grieve
And feelings a stranger to him if him you can believe
And tears have never reached his eyes his heart must be of stone
And he has never wept he say not even whilst alone.

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