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The Martyrdom Of A Butterfly

The Martyrdom of a Butterfly
By: Majed Dodeen
O my beloved butterfly & awesome dove!
Our journey has been a journey of sad love;
A trip of suffering, agony & torture
Taught me that you are a sparkling star; my source of pleasure
Flying & soaring in the sky
On the summit, sits softly, on a peak so high
Can stars be touched with collections of poems?
Can highest points be reached by words on silence?
Can moons be touched by tales on sea shells or its pearls?
You are the victory and the immortal happiness
The beautiful dream and the sweet song of success
With real sense of wise tears
We'll lit all jovial candles
Repeatedly, we humans pass in moments &instants;
When we don't know what to say, do or how to fix things
We start uttering hallucinations mixed with illusions
We say words that appear empty & meaningless
Words that express symbols by which one lives
We utter vague & words,
Because they're the secret that encompasses our lives
Set goals for it & draw nice and pleasant objectives
These words represent the ladders
We climb towards the world of happiness
People insist, however, that we anatomize ourselves
Introduce them to our lives' files and archives
That we do not like to expose, reveal or jeopardize
They tend and insist to tear the curtains imposed by fate upon us
Though we do not have the option of tearing its fabrics
The rebellion is possible against all things
Except challenging destiny, fate or life programs
This reminds me of the tale of the martyrdom of a butterfly
It flies, ascends and hovers
Advances to hug light but gets hugged by its intense fires
It keeps tirelessly revolving and turning around light
Keeps struggling and persistently fighting
Because it loved & treasured the beauty of light & its charms
Won't be contented of any other alternatives or options
Finally, it falls down slowly as it suffers severe burns
Is it falling or indeed a real rising up so high in heavens?
As soon as barriers are installed in our ways
The trip of confusion begins
Worries burden your shoulders
Even the illiterate can read the alienation on your complexion
Your eyelashes embrace emptiness
Fingers of allegations and accusations
Point at you hand after hand
You do feel the hurricane of orphanhood hitting you hard
Your life becomes: ' Mission: Impossible '.
Something incredible and unbelievable
Finding a needle in a desert full of oceans of sand
In a world where, everything is possible, singing a band
You suffer inner painful separation and isolation
Adding up sorrows in addition to those stored in your world
Deep in your cells
Time as a remedy tries to soothe and heal your wounds
Tries to leave its marks and impacts on your injuries
The circle refuses but to be completed fully
It's time for my soul to play its idealistic melody wonderfully
I insist to get up fast after that collapse and fall fully
I dream to be the stick for every blind all over the world
I vow to be the smiles at the faces of every child
I am sure that death will not pass away
Until it doesn't find any soul to call for right away
I am certain that the real account is not at any bank
It is no surprise or wonder
The good deeds we deposit 6-feet under
The harvesting will be here & in the hereafter
Where you'll be the winner forever!

by Majed Dodeen

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