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The Mask

I'm wearing a Mask,
can you see my pain?
Concealing the darkness,
inside my brain.
It smiles and declares,
my life is so great.
But under my Mask,
I'm full of self hate.
Lonliness, confusion
emptiness and shame.
I put on my Mask
and accept all the blame.
Tears fall steadily
under my Mask.
Wiping them away
is no easy task.
For I cannot remove it
I may be revealed.
Exposing the lies
and the suffering I've concealed.
The Mask is my cover,
my friend, my lover.
Without my Mask,
they would all discover.....
I am LOST.

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Hell yes I can see and I can feel it too and sometimes it is our means to survival, This must be pain day for many. I am sending you hugs for I know what it's like to need one....HUGS, marci.xo (you have written this so well with so much sincereity and feelings from your gut.]