FA (1988- / Mexico City)

The Mask

Just walking wearing the mask.
Just not being able to show who I am.
But who am I?
I guess I've worn the mask to long.
I want to be me, but I have no idea who I am.
People tell me nice things and some tell me negative things.
I'm so confused.
What do people see in me?
I think they don't take a good look at me.
To say what they see in me,
Just look at me once,
Just lend me a hand,
Just give me a shoulder to cry on,
Just give me all the hugs I need.
I can't continue to listen to my self.
I can't continue to hug myself.
I can't continue feeling the way that I do.
If only people would take time to listen to me.
Someone that I can trust,
Someone that will be there for me,
Someone that won't walk away,
Someone that won't betray me,
Someone that won't turn their back on me.
Someone that won't push me away.
I let everything stand on my way.
I let everything hurt me.
I'm trapped behind steal doors.
This world is too tough.
Why? Why does this happen to me?
I want an answer, an answer that I can't get.

by Fernando Alvarez

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