UNM (Day's of The Past, Present, Future. / Southern United States)

The Mask We Must Wear

Why do we fear
our feeling's inside?
We are told by the other's
to fear, not 'heal'.
To one such as ignorant
as I
yes deep inside,
It can only manifest
The trauma we hide.
For to those whom
we so would profess
our feeling's
they heal
by telling the truth
causes only more fear.
For the mask when first
thinly layered it seems
would be the begging of
with whom to so deal

Yet when one is older
the mask is much thicker
preconceived opinion's
they render unto some
for to rid one's self of such
as that which I've spoken
is the start of the process
I so would call healing
So please unto you
if you can but gain trust,
a mountain you have moved
not displaced with unrest.

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James this is amazing poem i love it