(25 January 1933 - 27 June 1983 / Stanley, Nova Scotia)

Moved By Visuals

Everyone seems to be on the same page.
With a nodding to agree.
That what took place and occurred,
Could have been done differently.
To achieve a better result.
What did take place to have occurred.
More than spotting of flying birds.
Everyone spent time debating.
Whether or not it would be,
To their benefit to stop it.
And who amongst them would then,
Receive the credit.
With praise given within the community.
If it was perceived the best policy,
For the people who are more moved...
By visuals.
Instead of words to have heard.
But when convenient,
As it often is.
No one seems to remember hearing.
The importance or lasting affects.
Decisions made by a few,
Would have on their lives forever.

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Comments (13)

A beautifully conceived short and sweet poem rich in rhyme and rhythm as also humor.
But I’ll have to give them The right answer Or they’ll think I’m crazy. very fine, short and sweet. tony
Simply brilliant - what else a lover can say
Wow, so much said in such few words! I think I probably wouldn’t notice either...
He was so much engrossed in watching the steps of lover that he did not notice anything else....Brilliant.100+++
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