The Moon, Offended

Oh moon our fathers worshipped, their love discreet,
from the blue country’s heights where the bright seraglio,
the stars in their sweet dress, go treading after you,
my ancient Cynthia, lamp of my retreat,
do you see the lovers, in their bed’s happiness
showing in sleep their mouths’ cool enamels,
the poet bruising his forehead on his troubles,
or the vipers coupling under the dry grasses?
Under your yellow cloak, with clandestine pacing,
do you pass as before, from twilight to morning,
to kiss Endymion’s faded grace?
- ‘I see your mother, Child of this impoverished century,
who, over her mirror, bends a time-worn face,
and powders the breast that fed you, skilfully.’

by Charles Baudelaire

Comments (11)

Simply brilliant - what else a lover can say
Wow, so much said in such few words! I think I probably wouldn’t notice either...
He was so much engrossed in watching the steps of lover that he did not notice anything else....Brilliant.100+++
Spencer: Good job! Next part is third line, third word. Now who said: “I love you so much I’ll never be able to tell you; I’m frightened to tell you. I can always feel your heart. Dance tunes are always right: I love you body and soul: —and I suppose body means that I want to touch you and be in bed with you, and i suppose soul means that i can hear you and see you and love you in every single, single thing in the whole world asleep or awake”? I love you :)
Mr Nowlan's writing is indeed incredibly unique and hits a spot on the soul that so few others seem to be able to find. This wonderful little poem says more things than I could find words for in a month of rain....
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