Maintaining A Diary

It's difficult to maintain a diary
Where you express the pent up emotions carry in your heart like a heavy burden
You need to put down
And seek relief in a garden
Where in the fragrance of fruits and flowers
May provide you comfort for some hours
The chirping birds may lit you up with a smile
You become absent minded for a while
You may bear many a brunt
Yet never lose the hope of peace which you want
So you maintain a diary to unburden the heavy heart as you carry
For me it is too difficult to pour down my thoughts in the pages after page
And unleash my rage
As I feel tired to identify my problems which dash past like the waves
I am in the open, no need to hide in caves
Listen to the specialists who advice and earn their bread, butter and rice
To maintain a diary always
To keep the worries at bays
I better swallow as well as let go the pains
I receive as my gains
Sing it out in my room and groom
Instead of toxins I await for nectar
My mind would then travel afar
To allow me smile
This is what I seek in life.

by Rimni chakravarty

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