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The Master Mind!
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The Master Mind!

We think only We've a manipulative mind
Above us all there is super calculative mind
Who can juggle our life with his mastermind
And still gives a chance to repent and be kind

We try hiding ourselves from the reality
For sure one will lose the sanity
Our every greed will be measured
And every deed will be treasured

Life is not always a bed of roses
One has to surpass all the phases
In the journey of life what have we gained
Trampling sensitive hearts in the bargain

Just remember for every tear one has to pay
Our misdeeds counted God will have his say
One schemes for one's own selfish reasons
But God has his own agenda his own seasons

Remember God the Greatest He controls it all
Man just pretends till the day he falls.

© Aarzoo Mehek

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Very beauitiful poem
I felt revisiting this beautiful poem! You have constructed the poem so immaculately that a reader can find substance in each line! Let me quote two more beautiful lines from your poem: Life is not always a bed of roses/ One has to surpass all the phases....I appreciate the reality depicted in this fabulous poem! My pleasure reading it again!
sacred love and faith on GOD. O dear here every I am actor and actress in this world the omniscient and only spectator is GOD. So over acting is all avoidable... great
Our every greed will be measured and every deed will be treasured-The God almighty predetermines, directs and controls everything…A great poem dear poetess…10
Good thoughts. Try to avoid too many end rhymes and focus on word play, idiom and pun.
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