The Master Of Intrigue

As you take a look around, souls all over the earth abound.
However, one day soon many of these souls will not be found.

First it will be all of the true believers in Christ one day,
They will hear The Lord's Trumpet and be snatched away.

Then the Master of Intrigue will attempt to explain away,
What happened to millions and millions of people that day.

Many, who were left behind, as they chose to despise The Light,
Will believe this man's deceptive folly, to Satan's sheer delight.

Seven years after this awesome and truly mysterious event,
Half of those who remain will be taken in God’s Judgment.

God’s Judgment will not be apparent at all, but totally ignored,
As people will believe that through a man peace has been restored.

Unfortunately this man who is doomed to God’s Eternal Destruction,
Will also lead others astray, through his deceptive cultic seduction.

His end will come after Satan, who filled him, gives him the nod,
And he goes to the Jewish Temple, and proclaims himself to be God.

He's finally destroyed at The Lord's return in Power and Glory,
And that my friend, will be the end of Antichrist’s deceptive story.

But you my dear friend still have time to make the decision,
If you would like to accept God's Glorious, Eternal Provision.

(Copyright © 07/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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