Poem Hunter
(31 March 1621 – 16 August 1678 / Yorkshire, England)


Poem By Nayyab Younas Khan

Have you ever loved someone so much?
She remains on your mind day and night,

Friends and family tell you to move on,
Come on it has nothing to do with youth and old age,

Your whole life!

You have been waiting;

Waiting, for dreams to come true,
Waiting every day for the sun to rise,

Seasons come and go,
You've stood alone,

Watching roses bloom, smiling at the sun,
Watching rose peddles fall, like slow tears,

Climbing mountains every day, So tiring,
Reaching for the stars in the sky,

What is it like in heaven?

You were once in my world,
You were once in my life,

You were once the rock,
That kept me from falling,
From the mountain top.

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