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The Matrix
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The Matrix

Everyday I wake up wondering who am I? Where am I?
What’s my purpose in life? Everyday I wake up,
lost in a world I’ve never seen before.
I feel like I’ve never lived, but never died.
I can’t die because my purpose in life is to search.
Search for answers to life’s questions. Search for
peace in my mind; a sense of belonging. Search for
someone to hold, someone to kiss.
Search for love; eternal bliss.
Everyday I look through my window;
the sun strikes my eyes, setting my mind ablaze.
I breathe this world of loneliness.
I live off its deadly scent. But is it real?
Do I really exist in a world of loneliness?
Am I damned to live my life without a girl?
Am I just a slave working for nothing?
Where has my life lost its meaning?
Nothing seems real anymore. Not even my feelings.
The feelings that died off as time went on.
As the sun danced across the horizon and over my window.
I never thought I was created to be an equal, plain lifeform.
Whatever happened to the essence of life? Has it wasted away? Dissolved from glaring computer screens and
silent evenings without any sense.
That’s life. Created for those who question it.

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