PG (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

The Mc Donald's Worker

Every morning he woke up at seven,
He had worked hard at college,
Getting a catering qualification,
He loved working with food,
And when a job offer,
At McDonald's came up,
He decided to go for it.

He loved seeing the customers,
With their diverse faces.
There were regulars,
Throughout the day,
Many in the morning,
Ordering coffee and breakfast.

As a McDonald's worker,
He made many friends in his job,
He was very popular,
And loved working with the public,
So he felt inspired to set up,
His own business,
And employ his own staff.

College had given him skills,
He knew his cookery,
And his table manners,
So he decided to open,
His own restaurant,
He had been working at McDonald's,
For five years and felt a need,
For a change; so he did.

Because of his people skills,
He succeeded,
In the restaurant business,
It took a short while,
But soon the customers,
Came pouring in,
Just as in McDonald's.

He ended up rather rich,
And got married,
While his friends at McDonald's,
Had moved on,
Getting jobs in public service,
They all remained friends,
For he had much to be proud of,
And a life rich like gold.

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