The Meaning Of Life

People sometimes ask 'what's the meaning of life?
What's the point of all this?
Why go through this shit? '
When I was younger I had the answer.
Happiness' I'd say 'is what we're all after.
All must strive for it in their own way,
Never hurt others, just live for today.'
Well my answer back then was one word too long.
There's no meaning in life, there's no point to this poem.
People give people a meaning, I say,
But what meaning has these people's lives anyway?
When the world is destroyed and no person is left
Will the void in the universe be any different?
Does it matter if you wear this or do that?
In the end we all just go back to the earth.
We're all waiting for death from the moment of birth.

by Kathlene Ann

Comments (6)

Very nice poem- Your opinion on such a powerful phrase 'The meaning of Life' is very well explained- I can connect with what your saying Great Job God Bless
Been there, done that. But I finally realized that it makes no difference. Like writing poetry. When it's a good one, I go off. And if it isn't, I write another.
Philosophically good, but for someone as young as you are awfully maudlin...
One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.....good poem Katharine
Hi Katharine: Most people today think the earth is going to be destroyed. This poem asks good questions. Some of my poetry, on this sight, you can enjoy and the words written give real hope. 'The Answer, In Brief' and then 'The Answer, Complete' and also others. Thank you, Jeannie
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