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The Meaning Of Life
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The Meaning Of Life

Poem By Jane Tomlin

To love and be loved in return.
To discover medical advancements and evolve into a modern age.
To get married and start a family to carry on the human race.
To climb the highest mountains and achieve something great.

Or are you just a puppet in the gods own little show, playing along.
Or an object to be the target of ones bullying brought on by boredom to give low self-esteem.
Or a scapegoat to pile everyone elses responsibilities and workloads onto.
Or a disappointment to sit back and watch others achieve their destiny with help, while you settle for second best.

Only we can discover for ourselves what the meaning of life is.
Fo each of us it is different, each of us follows our own path, that may eventually lead to something great.
One mans success is another mans failure.
So keep dreaming and strive to be the best that you believe you can be.

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