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The Meaning Of My Smile

I smile
When I am fascinated
I smile
When I am scared
I smile
When I am admired
I smile
When I am dumped
I smile
When I’m hiding something
I smile
When I want to say odd things
I smile
When I’m being bitchy
I smile
When I’m a little bit shy
I smile
When I’m about to get angry
I smile
When I wanted to cry

I can’t name it all
For all I know
My smile makes you fall

Can you define my smile?


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Comments (7)

This totally sounds like me and even kidding you I smile all the time and then people think I did something and I really didn't.
you really make me smile when i read this poem..anyway thanks for making's really a good poem..nice to have you here..
it makes me smile when i read ths poem... its a good one i like it
what I thihk about smile? ithihk smile can make me happy, smile can make me free and smile can make me smile averyday....thank for this poem.....
no value for smile..for me smile can color my life..good job! !
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